Marie Goulet

Marie has an expansive affection for the plant kingdom and a dedicated, intimate knowledge of its thrilling subtleties in both form and function. Combining this with her potent, untamed imagination, keen design sense, and practical understanding of materials and methods, Marie has been creating bold, regenerative and beautiful landscapes and living architecture for Rana Creek since 2008. As Senior Project Manager, Marie holds a high standard of excellence for each project from concept through construction, and is versed in LEED compliance. Recent projects include Deacero, a steel recycling plant in Saltillo, Mexico, Casa Juanita on Long Island, JNBY headquarters in Hangzhou, China, and the iconic Butterfly House here in Carmel. When not cultivating an enormous quanitity of vegetables and flowers at home on the historic Search Ranch deep in Carmel Valley, Marie may be found on some fierce wilderness adventure in the mountains or the coast.


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