DeAcero Project Site Visit

We recently took a trip down to Saltillo, Mexico to check on the progress of our design work at DeAcero’s new Steel Mill called 3M.  Rana Creek Design has been involved in several aspects of this project including overall ecological assessment; landscape design for the long entry road and at the new office headquarters located on-site; extensive stormwater management through constructed wetlands; process water treatment and re-use systems; 200 acres of habitat restoration; and creation of a maintenance manual to ensure long-term viability.

The plant is located on a 500 acre area of the Chihuahuan Desert, east of the city of Monterrey.  The site is surrounded by mountains, and belongs to the Rio Pesqueria Watershed.  The Rio Pesqueria drains to the Rio San Juan before it joins the lower Rio Bravo (Rio Grande) and empties into the Gulf of Mexico.  The Ecological design proposal for DeAcero 3M, including the goal of achieving zero stormwater runoff, will help to protect the fragile desert ecosystem, increase on-site biodiversity, and relieve stress on the larger San Juan Watershed, which is affected by drought, water scarcity, and pollutants.