San Clemente Dam Removal Restoration Design

Largest Dam Removal in California

Rana Creek, teamed with Granite Construction and Kleinfelder, is responsible for habitat restoration design and implementation for California’s largest dam removal project. This watershed restoration encompasses 62 acres and nine different habitat zones, from wetland, to riparian, to upland. Planting design considers proposed slope, aspect, soil hydrology and microclimate to correspond to appropriate biological communities including oak woodland, mixed chapparal, sage scrub, rock slope, alder + willow, cottonwood + sycamore, mixed woodland, littoral and wetland basins. Rana Creek Nursery is currently preparing 100,000 container plants, 7,000 live willow stakes, and locally collected seed mixes for planting in fall of 2015.  Rana Creek designed a temporary irrigation system which considered local climatic and  evapotranspiration data, soils, flood elevations, and anticipated water demand for establishment.  Riparian and wetland areas will receive spray irrigation, while a drip system is specified for upland trees, utilizing diverted water stored in a temporary detention pond. Rana Creek will conduct five years of monitoring and maintenance for this important project that will restore unimpaired access to spawning steelhead, improve habitat for the threatened California red-legged frog, restore the river’s natural sediment flow, and reduce beach erosion and destabilization.





California American Water


Carmel Valley, CA


Granite Construction, Kleinfelder, Tetra Tech