Crissy Field

Tidal Marsh and Dune Restoration on the San Francisco Bay

Rana Creek worked with Hargreaves Associates as an Ecological Design Consultant and Contract Grower for this signature San Francisco project and National Park Service site.  Once covered with asphalt and debris, Crissy Field was restored as a world-class park, natural area, and historic site that is a favorite with locals and visitors alike. Restoration of the area began in 1999, resulting in today’s public open space that features the tidal marsh and 22 acres of dunes.  As part of the restoration, over 100,000 native plants representing 110 species were planted or seeded around the site. Since restoration, biologists have identified over 17 fish species and 135 bird species in the tidal marsh. Herons, egrets, ducks, gulls, and other marsh-loving wildlife abound.  A unique feature of the Crissy Field restoration was its “Help Grow Crissy Field” campaign.  This campaign recruited over 3,000 volunteers from schools, community-based groups and individuals, who placed over 100,000 native plants and completed the bulk of the restoration work by summer 2000.  A Saturday drop-in volunteer program was then established to maintain and nurture the restoration and the sense of connection.





Golden Gate National Recreation Area


San Francisco, CA


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