Port of Los Angeles Marine Research Campus 

Rana Creek collaborated with William McDonough + Partners on a conceptual master plan for a new, world-class, urban marine research campus on 35 acres in the Port of Los Angeles.  The campus will host a variety of elements including research labs and facilities, accessible waterfront space, an interpretive center, tidal habitat gardens, classrooms, a public promenade and open space. Water utilized for research purposes will be continually recycled through a series of native habitat gardens designed by Rana Creek, which will include vertical aquaponics systems, living roofs, freshwater and saltwater constructed wetlands, and interpretive elements. Ecological design will promote water conservation while protecting water quality in the bay.  Data-driven performance will be transparent in landscape features that will support the goals for this innovative campus to support broad and intensive collaboration on solving global challenges.





Annenberg Foundation


Port of Los Angeles, San Pedro, CA


William McDonough + Partners